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We are now taking orders for the 2023 season!

Don't forget to try our amazing Pure Red Russian Garlic Powder available year round!!

Garlic bulb and garlic cloves  on the wo


Savoury Garlic Farm


  • Naturally grown without sprays

  • Hand-worked field from planting to harvest

  • Quiet farm with no busy road next to the crop

  • Fresh mountain water irrigation

  • Cured in the summer mountain breeze

Savoury Garlic Farm

Advantages Of Choosing Our Savoury Garlic

Garlic's well documented health benefits and it's flavourful addition to any meal have been discussed at length throughout history. What we produce is garlic with flavour like no other – savoury and sweet. When eaten raw, this Red Russian garlic gives a spicy bite that cools to a sweet finish. When cooked, it caramelizes into a savoury taste that is worth repeating.

The real advantage of our product is that we offer large, extra large and jumbo sized red russian seed garlic, which would take the beginner farmer/gardener 6 years to produce. Using our seed garlic, you the customer can grow that superior size without the wait! We also offer medium garlic.

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