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Red Russian garlic is known as a hard neck garlic that will withstand our cold, moist, Canadian winters better than any other. We plant in mid October and generally harvest mid to late July here in Princeton BC. From the field, the Red Russian seed garlic is hung in our drying pole barn to properly cure in the summer breeze.  From there the garlic is individually hand cleaned, sized and inspected for your delivery. 



4 sizes available

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Please fill in the order form below and we will provide you with a quote by email within 24 hours. Your order will be confirmed once we check availability of the size requested. If we do not have that particular size in stock, we will contact you ASAP by phone or email to see if you will accept a substitution.
We accept payment by E-Transfer.
We ship via Canada Post across Canada. You are also welcome to pick up your order directly from Savoury Garlic Farm

Thank you for ordering!

Fresh vegetables - garlic on counter of



$12.00 per 50g 


    2023 Garlic Seed Prices


       Bulb Size             Price


      Medium                  $2.00 each     

       (1.75 to 2")               SOLD OUT 


        Large                       $2.75 each

       (2 to 2.25")               SOLD OUT


         X-Large                  $3.25 each         

       (2.25 to 2.50")           SOLD OUT      


        Jumbo                     $3.75 each

         (2.5 +)                     SOLD OUT



  • 5% discount for orders over $350

  • 8% discount for orders over $750

  • 10% discount for orders over $1000

Plus Shipping 

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